Cornerstone OBN Phase 1 is underway

Cornerstone OBN Phase 1

Acquisition of Multi-Client Cornerstone OBN Phase 1 has begun.

The acquisition of the Cornerstone OBN Phase 1 project has commenced according to plan and will continue throughout the North Sea season. Some key upgrades were made prior to startup to further optimize the crew and they are excited to get started. This will be the largest ocean bottom node (OBN) survey in the North Sea, covering existing fields and open acreage which is part of 32nd UK Licensing Round.

Together with our partner CGG, key clients visited the Normand Tonjer prior to her departure from Aberdeen. Combining the talents of the industry leading OBN acquisition provider and industry leading OBN processing provider, we are confident the final data will offer significant improvements to the imaging of the potential Jurassic and Triassic play fairways and better visibility below salt bodies.

Normand Tonjer
Per Helge Semb and André Bjørvik
Per Helge Semb and André Bjørvik