Integrating the OBN value chain on one platform

The Echova OBN platform is another industry first by Magseis Fairfield. The Echova platform is different from existing OBN systems in that it encompasses the total customer workflow from planning to acquisition, and finally processing. The Echova platform will provide value to our customers and investors with better data, faster, more sustainable and at a reduced project cost.

We will continue development and add value and functionality as indicated by the high-level rollout schedule below.

The early engagement during the planning phase will unlock access to our knowledge, experience and technology, enabling a fully optimized and fit for purpose survey design.

This survey design is used to safely, reliably and efficiently acquire data using differentiated technology.

This is followed by data conditioning to prepare the data for data processing.

This integrated workflow from planning to processing, cuts out waste, connects experts and uses technology to design and acquire surveys which meet our client’s requirements and allows them to make data driven field development decisions, faster and at a reduced project cost.