Efficient Logistics

Transporting MASS-Modular by Antonov air freight makes «shipping» of seismic equipment an obsolete term in logistics.

A crucial element of Magseis Fairfield’s efficiency is logistics. Operating globally, and often with little time between jobs to transport equipment, we are pushed to the limit in order to deliver on time. Our MASS-Modular system, specifically manufactured and tailored to serve clients at different locations within a region, has now become even more efficient. Even the term “ship” is out of date for our logistics department.

Empty storage space inside the Antonov An-124-100
105 tons of MASS Modular seismic equipment

In December we transported our first MASS-Modular between Sola Airport in Stavanger, Norway to Abu Dhabi by airfreight. The containerized MASS-Modular for this transport consisted of 105 tons of seismic equipment, or a full MASS-Modular set.

Antonov An 124-100 Ruslan

On 13. March 2019 another Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan from Volga Dnepr Airlines transported a second complete MASS-Modular via Domodedovo Airport in Moscow to Abu Dhabi, a 3510 miles flight.

Taking advantage of our solid operational network and experience we hired the Antonov An-124-100 Ruslan from Volga-Dnepr Airlines Ltd and transported a complete MASS-Modular via LEJ Leipzig to Abu Dhabi, a 3690 miles flight.

The Antonov have a huge advantage over shipped container freight, enabling us to deliver our seismic equipment from A to B in hours, instead of days or weeks.

GAC Norway AS, the Volga Dnepr-team and their Antonov in collaboration with our logistics department, ensured a smooth and swift transport between Stavanger and Abu Dhabi.

After arrival, the MASS-Modular was operational in less than 10 days.

From left: Commercial Executive Rinat Akhmetov of Volga-Dnepr UK Ltd in dialogue with Anne Julie Gullaksen Logistics manager in Magseis Fairfield, who kept a close eye on QC during the loading and unloading of our equipment, and enforced a strict regimen during planning of the transport.
Steinar Heimtun, Project Manager in Magseis Fairfield says: «Having a background from the Royal Norwegian Airforce, it is almost surreal to be a part of loading an Antonov An-124 Ruslan with 106 tons worth of seismic equipment for transportation to Abu Dhabi. The well-planned and efficient loading done in just a few hours was impressive, and the crew were as professional as it gets.»

The take-off was breath-taking knowing that 340.611 kg were lifted off the ground to the distinct roar of the four huge Progress D-18T turbofan engines, witnessed by a group of enthusiastic plane spotters.

And seeing one of my team members shedding a tear as the big bird passed over us as a token of ‘mission accomplished’ was the icing on the cake, says Heimtun.

Anne Julie Gullaksen, Logistics Manager in Magseis Fairfield was happy to see the execution of large-scale logistics. Overseeing the transport of MASS equipment destined for the Chinese company BGP Offshore.
Knut Barstad, Global Acquisition Manager in Magseis Fairfield

Mr Barstad, says, «As the first transport of seismic equipment by air with the efficiency that the Antonov gave us, this may set a new standard regarding how fast we are able to utilize our MASS in different markets. This is true for regions where transporting over large geographical distances can be a challenge, and even more so in tighter geographical areas such as the northern part of Europe.»

GAC Norway AS, the Volga Dnepr-team and their Antonov demonstrated flawless execution in the handling of the equipment, and showed a commitment to the highest standards.

GAC Norway AS organized all the ground handling at the airport, as well as transport to Sola from sub-suppliers, warehouses and other locations. Close cooperation with GAC Norway, Magseis’ main logistics provider, enabled smooth operations prior to and during loading of our MASS equipment air freight from Norway to Asia.