The General Meeting has the highest authority in Magseis and shall be an effective forum for the shareholders and directors.

- All registered shareholders have the right to participate in Magseis’ General Meetings. The Annual General Meeting normally takes place before 30 April every year.

- Magseis sends the notice for General Meetings to shareholders, in addition to making the information available on the company’s website no later than 21 days before the General Meeting.

- Shareholders registered in VPS (the Norwegian Registry of Securities) can vote in person or by proxy.

- Shareholders, who are not able to attend the Annual General Meeting in person, may execute a proxy in the name of another person attending the meeting.

Please read more information about General Meetings in “Corporate Governance”

The Annual General Meeting of Magseis Fairfield ASA is to be held once a year. All notifications will be posted on this page

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting