Magseis Fairfield at SEG San Antonio, a buzz of activity.


Jan Gateman, SVP Research & Development to the left and to the right Ivar Gimse, SVP Business Development Both are our goto persons for all inquiries about MASS, the Marine Autonomous Seismic System. Both are founders of the company and have extensive experience within the field of ocean bottom seismic. And in addition they are friendly and fun.

This year's SEG Annual Meeting is so far an excellent experience for Magseis Fairfield, and while still going on, our booth # 3525 and the exhibition in general is buzzing with activity and informative technical sessions.

Our key personnel have their hands full with visitors and their minds full of information about our leading edge ocean bottom nodes and our source technology. Talking about data acquisition, multi-client projects and how we as a company within ocean bottom seismic can solve most challenges cost efficiently and safely by utilizing our automated handling systems and draw on our extensive experience.

Magseis Fairfield reinforces its position as the industry leader in ocean bottom seismic technology and solutions, well-positioned with the largest node inventory and modular capabilities to meet our clients' needs and tackle even larger surveys. The global seismic market remains active with many new projects developing over the next few years.


Some of Magseis Fairfield key personnel you have the opportunity to meet on the third day of SEG in San Antonio. Per Helge Semb, in the middle of the picture facing the camera is our goto person for Multi-Client talks. And to the right facing the camera is Tom Scoulios, our COO who can expand on our operational capabilities. Terry Hibben, here with his back to the camera is our innovative and experienced goto person within source and source solutions. And behind the desk are even more of our personnel you can direct any question about our services, geophysics and our ZNODAL or MASS technology. Or you can have a friendly chat with any of us and watch our videos.