Magseis Fairfield packs a lot of advanced capabilities into a small, sleek package.

Intelligence by design.

Compact and weighing in at 8 kg., the MASS I has a recording time of up to 45 days (up to 65 on low power). High-tech features include 32-bit ADC resolution, chip-scale atomic clock and 128 GB flash memory. The CPU is fully programmable for battery life and other functions.

Leading-edge sensor technology.

The Magseis Fairfield MASS I is engineered for optimal seafloor coupling for high-quality 4C data in all subsea conditions. With the ultra-compact design, there’s virtually no limit on the number of nodes that can be operated. The fully automated robotic handling system delivers efficiencies in downloading and node management, along with low failure rates and safer operations.


Fast and easy deployment

Modular handling system

Operational depth 0-3000 m

Battery life up to 65 days

Optional with Magnetic Field Sensor (MFL)

Deployment with steel wire, rope or ROV