Magseis CEO, Per Christian Grytnes

Our one core technology, MASS (Marine Autonomous Seismic System), will be operated on three parallel full-scale operations globally during Q3 2018, in water depths ranging from transition zone to deep water.

The surveys are as different as from reservoir monitoring to exploration and operationally the deployment methods span from ROV deployment and nodes on a rope, using our mobile MASS-Modular and cable.


MASS as a well proven and complete system for safe and efficient no hands operation of ocean bottom nodes enables Magseis to expand our client base and our footprint in the OBS market.

CEO, Per Christian Grytnes: When we now will conduct OBS in three simultaneous operations, in the Barents Sea, the Red Sea and in the South China Sea by utilising the full potential of our inventory of 14 000 nodes, we are setting the pace for a rapidly growing market.

SVP Sales & Marketing, André Bjørvik: We are very pleased about the positive responses we get from our clients on Magseis’ ability to meet and exceed their technology and quality demands while at the same time delivering safe and efficient operations. The aim is to further build on this success and scale up further to meet the increase we see in demand for 2019 and 2020.