Developed in conjunction with CGG, the Cornerstone OBN Phase 1 is the first phase of a larger program to re-image the prolific, but most challenging part of the UK Central North Sea (CNS). The dataset will deliver full-azimuth data suitable for field development and near-field exploration. Fast track data is expected to be available Q1-2021.

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Cornerstone Phase 1

While the objective of ocean bottom node (OBN) data acquisition is to achieve high-resolution images of complex structures, the size of the survey is no longer limited to the standard node patches deployed for 4D monitoring. The imaging of complex structures such as salt diapirs requires an extended shooting area around the deployed nodes. In addition, a large full-azimuth OBN survey will allow a more comprehensive analysis of the lateral extension of complex structures adjacent to the target area. With these requirements in mind, Magseis Fairfield, in conjunction with CGG, has designed the Cornerstone OBN program.

Despite the uplift in subsurface images brought by dual- and multi-azimuth streamer surveys and the latest imaging technology, there are specific scenarios where the technical limitations of what can be achieved by towed-streamer data have been reached. Overcoming the toughest challenges of the CNS, such as complex salt diapirism or deep reservoir characterization in structures beneath the Base Cretaceous Unconformity, requires full-azimuth and long-offset OBN data.

The geographical area of this hydrocarbon rich province, where severe imaging challenges are present, is widespread. To overcome the imaging challenges, multi-azimuth and long-offsets are a requirement. Magseis Fairfield and CGG are committed to deliver the exceptional data and we already have plans in place for a multi-year campaign to fully cover this area.

During data processing, CGG will apply the most advanced processing algorithms available to make the data ideal for field development and near field exploration. Cornerstone OBN data will provide:

  • Multi-azimuth data
  • Long offsets
  • High fold
  • P-P and P-S data


Magseis Fairfield and CGG complete Cornerstone 2020 survey

The acquisition of the Cornerstone OBN Phase 1 project has commenced according to plan and will continue throughout the North Sea season.

Cornerstone OBN phase1 is underway

Magseis Fairfield and CGG announce completion of the 2020 acquisition of the largest OBN multi-client survey ever acquired in the North Sea.

Magseis Fairfield secures large OBN MC survey

The Magseis Fairfield Multi-Client team has secured a large MC program that will set a new standard for exploration seismic, both in terms of acquisition and data processing.