A flexible, mobile and scalable solution to OBS

MASS Modular is mobile system that was launched in June 2017 for ConocoPhillips in the North Sea. A first step in the strategy to establish an industry-leading mobile, flexible and scalable solution to OBS that can easily be transported across the globe.

MASS Modular also enables clients to use onsite assets for deployment, such as support or standby vessels, thereby increasing utilisation and further reducing mobilsation costs. A further benefit is that such crews have existing field operations awareness reducing risk of seismic operations in close proximity to infrastructure.


MASS Modular, containerised handling system

Magseis Fairfield has designed a set-up which maintains a fully automated handling system by placing the robots and node management system inside offshore certified containers. In combination with the light weight nodes, where MASS Modular can store 750 MASS nodes inside a 10 foot container, MASS Modular has a small footprint which can be fitted on to any kind of vessel and be deployed by using ROV’s or other techniques, such as rope for shallow water or transition zone operations.


MASS Modular easily scaled to fit any operation

The scalability of the platform is ground-breaking and can be tailored to fit any survey requirement, from a few hundred nodes in combination with a streamer survey for infill around platforms or obstructed areas or large scale operations with several thousand nodes, the footprint and logistics are almost identical and the automated node management ensures superior efficiencies and industry leading deployment and recovery rates.

MASS Modular ROV Deployment

For example, ROV’s are limited by how much weight they can carry. Magseis Fairfields’ light weight MASS-node means more nodes can be deployed at the time, thus increasing the efficiencies significantly. ROV deployment is especially important within the 4D and reservoir monitoring market (and increasingly growing hybrid permanent monitoring market), because of the positioning accuracy required for time-lapse monitoring. By using vessels of opportunity, for instance those operated by a client on a large oilfield, Magseis Fairfield has identified a way to work more smarter together with its clients to reduce costs.


MASS Modular is far more robust and flexible than competing solutions due to its small and compact size, it can easily be scaled to fit any operation, whether it is for small cost-effective surveys or large scale projects. MASS Modular holds a capacity of up to 10,000 nodes that can be deployed from flexible platforms, such as ROV’s (remotely operated vehicles) or shallow water vessels.

MASS Modular can be mobilized quickly with vessels of opportunity and offers tailored made solutions fit for cost effective 4D and reservoir monitoring surveys.

Magseis Fairfields’ business model is to operate large equipment spreads, share a pool of nodes across different deployment platforms.


MASS Cable

Deployment by steelwire or rope.


MASS Modular

Containerised and flexible.


MASS Reservoir Monitoring

4D seismic.


Ultra Deep Water Vehicle

Node Deployer Vehicle.