From great innovation comes great data. From great data comes actionable, uncommon clarity.

Full-azimuth 4C data is what you need to make critical decisions. Magseis Fairfield brings the high-quality acquisition technology that provide that data. Modular nodal systems, automated handling systems, flexible deployment and retrieval systems, and next-generation innovations — combining these solutions with unique experience is what sets us apart and gives you a competitive edge.


Crowded infrastructure, challenging environments or geology? If you have an obstacle to acquiring high quality seismic, we have a node to overcome it.

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Portable Seismic Source

Our solutions reduce the NRMS related to source in 4D, Life of Field, ocean bottom node and DAS acquisition surveys.

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Extended High-Resolution (XHR) Solutions

From the seafloor to the reservoir, our extended high-resolution imaging is ideal for identifying drill hazards and de-risking the installation of seabed infrastructure.

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Magseis Fairfield has pioneered the subsurface imaging space for decades. Along the way we have introduced many industry Firsts.

A Series of Firsts

Let us help you find the right technology for your applications

Every project has a unique set of challenges. Magseis Fairfield has a universe of seismic solutions designed to take you precisely where you need to go.

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