Magseis Fairfield is the new leader in next generation marine seismic

Exploration and production teams continually seek increase in efficiency, quality and safety in seismic acquisition, in order to gain the next level of subsurface understanding necessary to make timely decisions for the areas of focus. Both legacy Fairfield and legacy Magseis specialized in developing state of the art proprietary OBN technology. Despite some distinct differences, the main mission has been the same. Magseis Fairfield will continue to focus on coupling industry leading nodes with automated handling systems, flexible efficient deployment/retrieval systems and next generation source technologies to create the new future in marine seismic.

There is no doubt that the imaging OBN seismic can provide is superior to conventional streamer seismic. Full azimuth 4 component seismic provide better illumination of subsurface, but one of the main challenges historically has been operational efficiency. Combining a large node count with an automated and efficient handling and deployment/ retrieval systems secure safe and cost-efficient operation with consistent high quality.

Magseis Fairfield’s modular designs enable us to tailor setup to match the requirements for all OBN jobs, whether it is a few hundreds or tens of thousands of nodes that need to be deployed and whether ROV, nodes-on-a-rope or cable/steel-wire is the preferred deployment method.

As a response to market demand for higher efficiency OBN surveys, Magseis Fairfield designed and manufactured the Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS), that consists of a range of autonomous MASSnodes, different application adapted MASSrob fully automated handling systems  and MASSys data download/QC software.


The Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS) consists of autonomous MASSnodes, the different application adapted MASSrobot, fully automated handling systems and MASSys data download/QC software.


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