Magseis Fairfield has designed and manufactured state of the art proprietary technology.

As a response to market demand for higher efficiency OBN surveys, Magseis Fairfield designed and manufactured the Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS), that consists of a range of autonomous MASSnodes, different application adapted MASSrob fully automated handling systems and MASSys data download/QC software.

At the heart of the Marine Autonomous Seismic System (MASS) lies the miniaturized autonomous 4C sensor capsule. Inspired by the miniaturization in the mobile phone and military industry, drawing on the knowledge of our R&D department, Magseis Fairfield developed the smallest and lightest OBN sensor in the industry, which weighs just over 8 kg. The sensor electronics are exceptionally compact and is paired with ultra-low power consumption. The result is a unique combination small size, lightweight and long record time.

The one core technology of the sensor capsule runs through the whole range of nodes. Making the MASS I sensor capsule into two different nodes when fitted with different casings for deployment either by steel-wire or by ROV.

The advantage of deploying the MASS I node by steel-wire is in addition to efficiency and safety the ability to deploy wire under tension and operate with high degree of precision in different water depths. This enable operations in close proximity of installations, so that the threshold for having to deploy with ROV is higher than for classic rope solutions, that typically have lower degree of precision. Since our first deployment using this system in 2013, we have gained a lot of experience operating many surveys globally in water depths from shallow to ultra deep water.


MASS I node deployed by ROV have proven its ability to match repeatability with permanent systems. The advantage of MASS I node ROV solution is that the small light weight node allows for compact ROV skids carrying a high number of nodes to maximise deployment efficiency.

The MASSrob handling system and the MASSys software is unified regardless of cable, rope or ROV deployment, and is handling the sensor capsules, as well as the data download hands free. With a unrivalled efficiency and speed rate.


When the MASS I sensor capsule is fitted into the casing the deployment and recovery of nodes are hugely effective either by ROV or rope.


The MASS III node is a compact lightweight node with leading edge sensor technology. Excellent sea floor coupling resulting in high quality 4C data for all types of sub sea conditions. Rated from 0-3000m with battery life up to 150 days.