Challenging environment? We go there.

Maximizing the productive life of your reservoir, onshore or offshore, requires a superior image. Trouble is, every environment throws a different set of obstacles in your path—challenges that include crowded infrastructure, ecologically sensitive zones, urban areas, and salt domes. Technologically complex solutions don’t always play well with budgets.

From mountains to subsea, ZNodal technologies offer a solution for every challenge, every environment, and every budget. With nodal technology, you have the dense, rich data you need to make better decisions over the life of field in a simple, easily deployed, logistically friendly package.


High quality, low risk, and easy deployment in transition zones.


Deep, rich seismic data in shallow water


Superior images for deep and ultra-deepwater fields.


Clarity meets flexibility.


High-quality 4D data with enhanced repeatability.


Better image, greater savings, higher productivity.