The core of Magseis’ technology is the proprietary MASS node and the Magsys data management system. This comes together with a large number of auxiliary products and systems which makes the OBS operation fully automated, safe and efficient. The Engineering department consists of highly skilled and motivated engineers and scientists with a diverse experience. The project teams are multi-disciplinary and small, and a product is followed from early conception through design, testing and qualification to field launch and operational support. This gives the engineers a unique ownership to the product and valuable feedback on the performance which enables continuous improvements with short cycle time.


Docking robot onboard our seismic vessel Artemis Athene


The Manufacturing department is responsible for supplying operations with the required number of MASS nodes at the right time and to the right quality. The nodes and their components are manufactured at key contract manufacturers, so managing these suppliers is a key activity for Manufacturing. The day-to-day tasks include production planning, sourcing and supply of company-provided items, developing and maintaining test systems and quality control. The Manufacturing organisation is very lean and consists of manufacturing engineers, test engineers and purchasing.


Node sensor casing for cable deployment


MASS Cable

Deployment by steelwire or rope.


MASS Modular

Containerised and flexible.


MASS Reservoir Monitoring

4D seismic.


Ultra Deep Water Vehicle

Node Deployer Vehicle.