Research and Development

The MASS concept was discussed more than 15 years ago, but at that time the electronics industry didn’t have the necessary components available.
Components with a small form factor, high memory capacity and timing accuracy in conjunction with extreme low power consumption and high battery capacity started to be available when Magseis where founded in 2009.

Magseis Research & Development, Kista Sweden

The market driver for such components is still today mainly the handheld consumer and military products, for example mobile-/smart phones and military communication systems.

Research projects where kicked off and the development of MASS started in the end of year 2010. Skilled electronics engineers were hand-picked to form a team in Kista, outside Stockholm Sweden. Experience came from the data communication and mobile phone industry, military and civil aviation industry, missile development and advanced naval systems including underwater technology. Several partners where contracted in Norway to develop the MASS mechanics and automation systems. During the past years of development, more and more engineers have been employed in Oslo, Bergen and Kista and today our skilled engineers are working continously with the development of the MASS product range.

Laboratory test in Kista, Sweden

In both Oslo and Kista there are advanced lab facilities. Several research projects are ongoing in areas of importance in the Ocean Bottom Seismic technology, which will strengthen the companys position as the market leader within Ocean Bottom Seismic.