WGP is a marine geophysical services company

WGP  is a marine geophysical services company that over the last 25 years has built a strong track record  of offering bespoke technical and operational solutions to meet client needs in the upstream oil and gas industry. Those solutions have spanned a wide range of industry requirements from frontier exploration to reservoir monitoring.

The name WGP is synonymous with the supply and operation of portable marine seismic sources along with the QC systems required to ensure best in class performance.  In parallel WGP also provides cost effective geophysical imaging technologies allowing for extended high resolution imaging of the near surface, geohazard identification down to the reservoir and the mapping of shallow oil and gas reservoirs.  WGP’s unique portable compact node offering brings another bespoke solution  to the industry with a wide range of cost effective applications. WGP continue to work closely with our clients to optimise the geophysical solutions they require.

The WGP Group was originally established in 1994 and, as of 2019, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Magseis Fairfield ASA.