For shallow-zone surveys, Magseis Fairfield blows conventional solutions out of the water.

Disengage downtime.

Shallow water zones come with hazards, complex infrastructure and ecologically sensitive environments. Companies attempting to survey them know that ocean-bottom cable (OBC) systems are hard to deploy and fraught with technical issues, driving up downtime and acquisition costs. The Z700 is built to overcome all of these challenges.

Where rich seismic data reigns.

With automated back-deck handling for easy deployment, the Z700 requires smaller crews and a minimum two-vessel configuration — one for node management plus one source vessel. No cables, no leakage, no headaches. Just a superior, long-offset, high-fold image for better appraisal and brownfield development, improving your economics over the life of your reservoir.


Superior, multi-component 4C data

Lightweight, autonomous and HSE-friendly

Automated back-deck handling system

Rated to 700-meter depths

Records continuously, no troubleshooting required

Better than 98% reliability

No problematic cables or connectors